Children's Choir of St. Petersburg TV & Radio . Christmas Concert

Children's Choir of St. Petersburg TV & Radio . Christmas Concert

Children's Choir of Television and Radio of St. Petersburg - one of the oldest children's groups in Russia. This choir with a rich history and lots of interesting, challenging and varied repertoire ranging from classical to contemporary music. He is a regular participant in all the city's celebrations, often takes part in concerts by popular artists.

The choir has toured continuously recorded on the radio, concerts, participates in the performances - that is, living rich creative life. Now the chorus is engaged about 300 boys and girls aged 7 to 18 years. With the guys involved recognized teachers with years of experience working with children, and besides - talented musicians, true professionals and enthusiasts. Many graduates of the choir in the future connect their lives with music, but even those who chose a different profession, still remember with gratitude the life in the choir.

It's no secret that music education affects the formation of the spiritual culture of the individual, promotes the full and harmonious development of the child. And as the years spent with the choir - it's a great school of life. After all, despite the young age of choir singers, choristers at the time in rehearsals and concerts it is the same as in the adult group. And the boys from a young age learn to combine study at school and participate in the choir.


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