Richard Strauss

Richard Strauss

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In our time with the success of Strauss operas "Salome", "Elektra", "Die Frau ohne Schatten" and many others. Quite a long time the Russian public was not able to see these performances. Now is the time of grace, when the creation of the author, we may disclose to reinvent themselves, seeing firsthand the ideas that the composer put into his musical philosophy.

However, Richard Strauss was bright and symphonic composer. That evening fans and lovers of creativity German Champion hear his "Burlesque" for piano and orchestra, which he dedicated to the famous conductor Hans Bülow.

Also in the evening's program landmark essay Strauss - symphonic poem "Thus Spake Zarathustra". It is written by the well-known philosophical Nietzsche book in which the author brings to the reader the idea that man - is a rope stretched in its evolution from animal to superman.

Artists pm: Symphony Orchestra of St. Petersburg Capella, soloist - Tatiana Kozlova (piano).


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