The Table

The Table

In the center of our story - today's man, a "hero of our time", "Ivan the Fool", faced with a choice that will decide the fate of the world. To live freely and responsibly, taking mature personal decision, breaking with the neuroses of the past, or continue to passive participation in the destructive vicious circle of life "in the old way." Our hero is making his choice and breaks abroad everyday.

His chief assistant, a catalyst for the events, "Humpbacked Horse" becomes the table: the object, the place, and often one of the main proposed circumstances of our lives. Our "table" becomes a metaphor for consolidation or separation of people.

On the table we are born, we are celebrating at the table, the table poet writes poetry, philosopher thinks about the fate of the world, policy decision makers, the surgeon makes an operation, the wife cooks, and swaddle the child on the table washed our bodies, when we leave this world.

German director Eberhard Koehler took over the duties of co-director and dramatic adviser. He has already made two independent theater productions, and also participated as a co-director in almost all theater performances.

Running time: 1 hour 30 minutes.


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