The play «Bingo»

The play «Bingo»

In the life of an ordinary family in St. Petersburg, where the husband and wife for 15 years of marriage pretty tired of each other, and love tёscha suddenly come to visit, where teenage son submerged in the world of virtual reality - an event occurs that radically changes their family life. In the apartment there is a tenant, whose father of the family hid from close all the years of living together.

In the performance take part talented comedic actors of St. Petersburg theaters, also known by the viewer roles in serials and movies, on television work.

Genre: Comedy
Director: A. Cybulski
Written on the play by: V. Bochanova
Actors: ZA Russia Zubovich E., M. Ovsyannikov, NG Troinitskii, Denisov, A. Koygerov, A. Poluboyarinov, Guro A., R. Yakushov, A. Cybulski, and others.
Running time: 2 hours with one aktraktom.


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