The play «Tellurium»

The play «Tellurium»

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The novel of the same name - one of the most impressive among the masterpieces of modern Russian prose. Its author Vladimir Sorokin has created a unique semantic interweaving of two genres - the intellectual and narrative fiction. The work was published in 2013 and immediately took firmly the top of the charts, becoming the undoubted market leader and winning a number of quite serious premiums. Critics have vied with each other to praise the complex nature of the genre of the novel and its polyphonic sound. Not surprisingly, the director Marat Gatsalov it is the product chosen as his debut as chief director of New Theatre Alexandrinsky scene.

Before you begin to create your next masterpiece, the director turned to Catherine Bondarenko, chief playwright Alexandrinskaya New scenes to write the stage version of the novel. Together with her and the theater troupe, Gatsalovu managed to turn in a sensational novel no less sensational statement. It affects not only the semantic content of which was invested novelist Sorokin, but also shows all the possibilities of the new scene.

The play involved not only the space of a theatrical stage, but also the audience. A variety of effects and scenery allows you to pass unscathed genre originality and hidden meaning, over which masterfully worked author of the novel "tellurium".

Genre: Fantastic performance
Director: Marat Gatsalov
Actors: S. Balakshin, NA Russian Volkov, V. Zakharov, M. Zimin, Zhiznevsky T., V. Lisiecki, Looshin A., A. Polamishev, Panichev A., S. Sitnik, LA Rams, Shimko
Premiere: 26 September 2014
Running time: 1 hour 50 minutes


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