Opera «Magic Flute»

Opera «Magic Flute»

From the very first performances, opera V.A. Mozart's "Magic Flute" enjoyed great success, and interest in it has not weakened to this day. Mozart's music in this opera conveys that variety of life that he acutely felt himself and in which the sublime and earthly, tragic and comic always exist side by side.

The production of "The Magic Flute" in theater "Wonderland" is truly magical, not only because of its name and the immortal music of Mozart, but also through the use of modern video technology. "The Magic Flute" at the stage of "Looking Glass" - a real theatrical extravaganza, wise tale, full of wonder, mystery, transformation, and even circus elements. In this fairy tale characters and fascinating, wonderful: Sarastro wizard, the Moor Monostatos, the Queen of the Night and her fairy prince Tamino, searching and rescuing the princess Pamina, Papageno the bird catcher funny, which must find his beloved Papagena ... The Magic Flute and miracle The bells will give the heroes the strength to overcome all obstacles, and the courage of the prince will help him to go through the trials.

Mozart's opera, filled with the light of wisdom and good, intertwined many philosophical ideas that will resonate with sophisticated music lovers. And for young viewers "Looking Glass" Active play is perhaps the first touch to this masterpiece, so that later, later, everyone could listen to the music of Mozart and gradually comprehend its depth.

"Director Alexander Petrov does not give a break, lavishly lent each minute of action with his own ideas. The main thing is that it happens in the circus. <...> In the latest trials of Tamino and Pamina - with fire and water - video fires flare up in the entire mirror of the stage and the video floods are flooded. <...> "The Magic Flute" - Singspiel with a terrible serpent, boys summer, the transformation of the old woman in pullets, magical musical instruments and other wonders ... "Through the Looking Glass" - a theater for children and Petrov staged for children, deliberately ignoring tradition grasp the meaning of this opera sorts Political, philosophical, tragic and other meanings. He has the right: after all, if Mozart and his librettist Shikaneder were not Masons, the music would have remained the same. <...> At the premiere bravo shouted to everyone and after each aria, which proves: "Through the Looking Glass" is in full contact with its audience. " (Dmitry Tsilikin: The Circus de Amadeus, Vedomosti, May 26.).

"In" The Magic Flute "one of the main goals of the director was to show the possibilities of the modernized stage of his theater, which he succeeded in many ways. Opera turned out quite in keeping with the aesthetics of "Looking Glass" - for family viewing, where the kids were able to notice signs loved the fantasy genre, and Dad managed to read clues in the exciting black and red latex outfit three ladies. Mozart's enthusiasm was very opportunely youthful ardor and excitement of recent students of the course of Alexander Petrov at the Theatrical Academy. This excitement, by the way, is so lacking in many academic theaters. (Vladimir Dudin, Towards Mozart, St. Petersburg, 2011. August 15).

Author: В.А. Mozart
Libretto: E. Shikanedera
Running time: 3 hours


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