Word for Word

Word for Word

Premiere of Leonid Fedorov and Vladimir Volkov, "word for word".

April 11 at the State Academic Capella leader of the legendary rock group "Auction", one of the main representatives of the contemporary avant-garde music Leonid Fedorov and founder neodzhazovogo team "Wolf Trio", world-renowned bassist Vladimir Volkov will present the program "word for word".

In the work of the duo Fedorov-Wolves are no walk-through concerts, each fits the definition of "unique". The scale of the new program and all the epic: fragments of ancient Russian literature "Lay" are interwoven with poems by Alexander Vvedensky, Velimir Khlebnikov, Henri Volokhonsky, revealing new facets of meaning and form a bridge between the historical events of the 12th century and the events of the 21 th century th. In sonic palette concert viola da gamba and harp are combined with an acoustic guitar and organ. Combination that is possible to imagine only heard "live".

Vladimir Volkov - bassist, composer, producer, one of the leaders of the St. Petersburg new improvised music, acoustic bass master, a member of the widest range of projects - from baroque and ethno-jazz to avant-rock, the head of his own "Volkov-trio".


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