The paly «Your Gogol. The Last Monologue»

The paly «Your Gogol. The Last Monologue»

The premiere of Valery Fokin at the New Stage of the Alexandrinsky Theatre

The new production - the author of the play, the 2011 edition, which was in the room 7 storey historical stage of the Alexandrinsky Theatre. Returning to the subject of Valery Fokin's no accident. Gogol - his works, his essays, his fate - one of the themes to which the director returns constantly, always finding new, modern themes and meanings. During his creative life Valery Fokin staged about two dozen performances on the works of Gogol. From the student's work - staging of the story "The Nose", which he has carried out within the walls of the Shchukin School Konstantin Raikin and Yuri Bogatirov up comedy "Marriage" on the Alexandrinsky Theatre.

"Your Gogol. Last monologue "- not just a factual reference to the last days of the writer's life, but the play-thinking about his fate, religious and philosophical beliefs about the place and role of the artist in modern life. At the heart of the play - documentaries, fiction, essays and letters of the writer.

performance artist, stage design and costumes - Maria Tregubova, one of the authors with whom Alexandrinsky Theatre collaborates particularly fruitful in recent years.

Genre: Drama
Director: Valery Fokin
Starring: People's Artist of Russia Igor Volkov and Alexander Polamishev.
Premiere: 17 and 18 December 2016
Running time: 1 hour without intermission


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