Solo performance «Notes of Nervous Usher»

Solo performance «Notes of Nervous Usher»

The one-man show on the works of the famous writer and playwright Mikhail Zoshchenko except the director, at the same time performing the title role, is involved only accompanist - Inna Andreyeva. Igor Volkov, the creator of comic staging, quite often chooses this genre to implement their own creative ideas.

This performance - its author's view of literary works Zoshchenko, as "Case History", "Madonna" and some other writer of short stories. This is the second show of the series entitled "Monologues in the Tsarskoye lobby." Launched cycle Nikolai Marton, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, of the same name created a dramatization based on some classical pieces.

Basil Bilinkin, played by Igor Volkov - an ordinary man, leading a life as uncomplicated as his very name. Everything in his life is subject to the laws of normal saline. Although high feelings, such as love, for example, it is quite alien. Only now he brings them back to the same elementary needs. And together with the author of satirical stories director and actor in one person approves the simple truth is in the country there is a lot of Bylinkina here, we will not have a decent future. You can not strive to create something worthwhile and beautiful, along with people who are singing nightingale explain the usual desire to "eat."

Genre: performance, drama, comedy
Directed by: Igor Volkov
Starring: Igor Volkov, Inna Andreeva
Premiere: December 7, 2013
Running time: 55 minutes without intermission


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