The play «Masquerade. Memories of the Future»

The play «Masquerade. Memories of the Future»

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Nominated Theatre Award "Golden Mask 2015"

Suffice it to large-scale theater project, carried out thanks to the talent and vast stage experience Valery Fokin, artistic director of the theater Alexandrinsky, created specially for the 200th anniversary of MY Lermontov Secondary objective was to most accurately reproduce the staging version of "Masquerade", offered to the public in 1917, V. Meyerhold.

Each conceived and implemented it the image or the mise en scene, music and the whole rhythm of the play as a whole painstakingly recreated Valery Fokin. And now, thanks to this wonderful director, the audience has the opportunity to not only join the creativity of great Russian poet Mikhail Lermontov, and plunge into an era of revolutionary Russia. Expedition to the past - so, probably, could be dubbed the play "Masquerade. Memories of the Future ".

Arbenin, the main character of the play differs remarkable mind, very freedom-loving and extremely strong-willed person. However, the society to which he is tied by birth, trying to make it fit their similarity and common way. At the same time, and those are imposed on the distinctive features of the society of life Lermontov time as zealous protection of his honor and excessive indulgence of vanity. This leads Arbenina the murder of his wife ...

Genre: Spektakel, drama
Director: Valery Fokin
Actors: P. Semak, Lysenko, E. Vozhakina, N. Marton, W. Shurale, G. Karelin, P. Teplyakova, V. Alekseev, V. Nikitin, V. Semenov, I. Lepeshenkova, S. Elika, O. Gilvanova and other
Premiere: 19 September 2014
Running time: 2 hours with one intermission


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