The play «Endgame»

The play «Endgame»

Plays by Samuel Beckett marked the beginning of the emergence of the so-called theater of the absurd. Each of his play in spirit close to the philosophy of existentialism. In them was rising theme of despair and helplessness in the face of a soulless world that existed in itself, without any special regard for the human being. At the same time it disclosed the theme of will and unremitting aspiration to live, despite the exclusion and unknowableness life.

"Endgame", which liked the Greek director Theodoros Terzopoulos, fine thread is associated with the ancient tragedy. The director noticed this and even named the successor of Beckett's dramatic tradition of Aeschylus. Earlier, in 2006, from the stage of the Alexandrinsky already sounded one of the performances put them - "Oedipus Rex". Ten years have passed, and spectators are invited to visit at least a fundamental event for theater - play "Endgame".

Greek director had a special weakness for the ancient classics. It is here that he sees the possibility of overcoming the absurdity of the daily routine. Protagonist of the play is not just trying to surpass himself, but also to come into contact with the Creator of all things, with a force that is much superior to any man. He is trying to reach out to God, a higher power to show that he - a worthy heir to the heavenly Father. And, as always in such cases, there is a conflict of "fathers and children", only this time on a universal scale.

Genre: Theatre of the absurd
Director: Theodoros Terzopoulos
Starring: NA S. Parshin Russia, NA Russian Volkov, NA Russian Nikolai Marton, ZA Russia S. Sitnik, V. Zakharov, Polamishev, Marusin A., N. Barsukov, Bedrinsky A., T. Gavrilov
Premiere: 21 March 2014
Running time: 1 hour 40 minutes without intermission


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