The play «The City. Marriage. Gogol»

The play «The City. Marriage. Gogol»

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Always lively and finding resonates with directors, actors and spectators Petersburg comedy. Gogol's "Marriage" at the theater Lensoviet new look at the classic drama by Yury Butusov

What can you expect theater-goers who choose to buy tickets for the "Marriage"? Directed by almost threw comedy and clowning, leaving room for a deep romanticism and psychology. It enhances the effect of an incredible mysticism Gogol's Petersburg, and the spirit of the XIX century palpable in the air. Minimalism in the scenery, the music scene, smoothly flowing into each other. Mysterious slowness makes dive into forbidden corners of the soul.

The story of the protagonist is a lonely, simultaneously acting rescue and anguish, unfulfilled desire and lost hope. Find happiness in the big city, which itself becomes a character in the play. Production will surprise fans of Gogol impress theatergoers depth of thought and directing ideas. The first effect of the waiting time and the recall, and the second event and internal justification.

A masterpiece in modern drama staged to see and interpret my own eyes and soul.
Immerse yourself in the world of Gogol's famous actors of theater and treat yourself to a nice holiday.

Directed by Yuri Butusov
Starring: A.Kovalchuk, O.Fёdorov, S.Peregudov, S.Migitsko, E.Filatov, Anatoly Novikov, G.Subbotina, E.Evstigneeva
The premiere: May 11, 2015
Running time: 3 hours 30 minutes with one intermission


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