Group «Megapolis»

Group «Megapolis»

For 30 years of its existence Megapolis has released 10 albums, managed to be silent for 14 years, to be a "favorite group of Moscow students", to get to the tops of the hit parades with a song on Andrei Voznesensky's poems about "bluebirds eggs", to make history with the first national a hit in German ("Karl-Marx-Stadt"), to return home "Where are the flowers?".

The album "Supertango", with which the band returned after a long silence in 2010, was the last in its history. All the further activities of "Megapolis" are defined as "projects": this is a large-scale multi-platform dedication to the not-made 60's films "From the life of the planets" (2014) and the project of intuitive music zerolines (2017).


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