The Musical «Robinson Crusoe»

The Musical «Robinson Crusoe»

Is it possible, being in inhuman conditions, to remain human? The hero of the world famous novel "Robinson Crusoe" convinced us that this is real. Is it possible to not break, being sentenced to punishment at the pillory? And it's possible that Daniel Defoe himself proved it on a personal example.

The writer, the feuilletonist, the creator of "Robinson" to some extent identified himself with his hero. For his views, he was subject to punishment at the pillory and became the author of an angry pamphlet "Hymn to the Shameful Pillar." He knew what it was like to live in a huge city, but to feel at times on an uninhabited island. Destroying loneliness was clear Defoe, and is familiar today to many, sometimes even to a child. But how, after being in real solitude or on a real uninhabited island, survive and not lose yourself?

For this it is enough, as Defoe and Robinson show us, to believe, think, work and never give up. Then the possibilities of man will be truly limitless!

For children from 9 years. Duration of the performance is 2 hours and 15 minutes.


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