The operetta «Queen of Czardas»

The operetta «Queen of Czardas»

Operetta Imre Kalman "Silva" - the world-famous classics of the genre. In the author's edition it was called "The Queen of the Chardash" and a new name was received in Russia, where the score of Kalman came almost immediately after the Viennese premiere.

A beautiful singer from the cabaret "Orpheum" Silva Varescu is in love with Prince Edwin. But can a rich and fertile youth marry a frivolous girl from a cabaret ?! The cabaret "Orpheum", a ferret, believes that he can. But Princess Cicily, Lippert-Weilersheim, Edwin's mother, has his own opinion on this score.

Love and honor. Free habits of cabaret and noble title. Heroes will have to choose. Which way to go to become happy? These hard questions jokingly solved in the genre of the operetta. "Queen Chardash" by Imre Kalman is the pearl of this genre. Funny dialogues, great music, sparkling play of artists and the sound of delightful music will allow you to enjoy the play to connoisseurs and lovers of the genre of the operetta.


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