Play «Happiness»

Play «Happiness»

  • The winner and the Russian national theater prize of the festival "Golden Mask".
  • Winner of the St. Petersburg's highest theatrical prize "Golden Soffit".
  • Awarded the XX-th theatrical festival "Theatre of St. Petersburg - the children" in five categories.
  • Winner of the Russian National Theatre Festival Theatre for "Harlequin" children.
  • In 2012, the show received a special prize sponsors St. Petersburg youth "Breakthrough" theater award - "For the initiation of children to the art of the theater."

The play "Happiness", written by the famous Belgian playwright Maurice Maeterlinck, was inspired by director Andrew Mighty and playwright Konstantin Filippov on the modern interpretation of the story on the stage of the Alexandrinsky Theatre. Simple story, children search for the blue bird of happiness in the kingdom of the night staged acquired a new meaning, as the authors wrote, "over" him her story. The plot revolves around a very attractive plasticine family, where everything is in people: a mother and father, children - and Mitil Tiltil and their pets - cat red and green pair of dogs.

Following the trends of the time, the director turns the scene into place bold experiment where ordinary reality is closely intertwined with the virtual. Andrew Mighty has set actors difficult task: to combine these two realities - virtual, created with 3D effects, and usually in one piece - his game.

The play tells the audience with simple and relaxed, sometimes naive language of children, she plunges into a fantasy world of childhood, into the world of dreams, hopes, and horror stories. But at the same time it urges to think about the present and false, good and evil, life and death. The answers to these timeless and always topical issues in reading troupe (in the play are occupied almost all the actors) will be interesting both for children and adults.

Genre: Drama
Director: Andrew Mighty
Actors: E. Zimin, V. Smirnov, J. Lakoba, P. Yurinov, S. Parshin, N. Marton, Y. Marchenko, S. Smirnov, Mikhail Kuznetsov and others
Premiere: 26 March 2011
Running time: 2 hours 40 minutes with two intermissions


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