Operetta «Bat»

Operetta «Bat»

The brilliant operetta of Johann Strauss "The Bat", first staged in Vienna in 1874, was very coldly received by the Viennese public. However, after sensational success in other countries, she became almost the most beloved in the operetta repertoire. For almost a century and a half, the "Bat" captivates the audience with timeless humor, musical perfection, masterfully composed comic story and striking liveliness.

"Melodies flow from me like water from a tap," joked Waltz King I. Strauss. And indeed, his waltzes are called vocal poems. And his operettas, on the contrary, are permeated with the element of dance. As one of the founders of the Viennese operetta, Strauss also created a new type of dance - dance. "Bat" - a classic example of this genre, as well as the best operetta of Strauss.

"The Bat" - after the incomparable musical comedies of Mozart and after "Falstaff" Verdi - one of the most representative and most accomplished works of the musical theater ", - spoke about the famous operetta of Johann Strauss, the largest German director Walter Felsenstein.

In Russia they have long known and love the enchantingly ridiculous story of how at the masquerade the frivolous Eisenstein begins to take care of a stranger in the costume of the Bat, who turns out to be ... his own wife! The comedy, replete with gay misunderstandings, tricks with disguises and witty dialogues, to this day has a triumphant success. A cheerful story with disguises and revelations, a magnificent ball scene and adventures in prison, Russian viewers remember and on the famous television show with Yuri Solomin in the title role.

"Bat" in "Through the Looking Glass" is a talent, skill and contagious temperament of young soloists, a real feast for the theater and its spectators. This joyful hymn of life intoxicates like champagne!

Libretto: R. Genet
Russian dialogues: N. Erdman and M. Volpin
Running time: 3 hours


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