Symphonic fairytale «Peter and Wolf»

Symphonic fairytale «Peter and Wolf»

The performance is a laureate of the festival "Theaters of St. Petersburg for Children"

Sergei Prokofiev, one of the most famous Russian composers of the twentieth century, the author of world-famous symphonies, operas, ballets, in 1936 turned to children's music. Striving to introduce the instruments of the symphony orchestra, their voices, timbres, characters in a most live form, the composer wrote a symphonic fairy tale "Petya and the Wolf" - one of the recognized masterpieces of Prokofiev's music. The text intended for the reader was created by the composer himself. Each character, according to the author's idea, corresponds to a keynote, which always sounds on the same musical instrument. By the way, the instruments of the orchestra play "the roles" of this tale on a par with the artists: Bird - flute, Duck - oboe, Grandfather - bassoon, Cat - clarinet, Wolf - horn ... As a result, a wonderful work was born, where the sharpest characteristic Prokofiev instrumentalism was manifested - a real gift for children , Only beginners to learn music and musical instruments. This fairy-tale adventure in an easy and fun way teaches you to recognize the voices of instruments in a real serious symphonic orchestra.

The musical fairy tale gained the widest popularity and entered the repertoire of the best orchestras of the world - it was even conducted by Herbert von Karajan. And which only the artists did not participate in the performance of "Petit and the Wolf" - even the movie star Sophia Loren! In the role of reader in different years there were such stars of pop and cinema as Sting, David Bowie, Charles Aznavour, Sean Connery, and even politicians - Bill Clinton and Mikhail Gorbachev.

In the theater "Through the Looking Glass" each character of the tale gained not only his symphonic voice, but also a new, unusual life on the stage. Here the fairy tale turned into a witty symphonic circus performance. At the behest of the director all the characters of the fairy tale - Petya, his Grandfather, Bird, Cat, Duck, Wolf and even hunters - became circus performers, each of whom has his expressive plastic, his circus "role", his theatrical and musical character. Petin grandfather, for example, became a heavyweight, Bird - equilibrist, hunters - clowns, terrible Wolf became an illusionist and hypnotist, and the Duck even learned to fly. In a colorful, ingeniously invented performance young actors of the troupe are engaged, whose play is directed to the imagination, the imagination of the children's audience.

Running time: 50 minutes.


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