Opera «Madame Butterfly»

Opera «Madame Butterfly»

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One of the most famous operas of Puccini was created in 1904 and for over a hundred years it has been exciting and delighting the opera public of the whole world. The story of the libretto is a melodramatic, simple story in the spirit of the port song "The Girl from Nagasaki." The unsurpassed master of musical drama and a brilliant melodist, Puccini, by all means of her richest compositional gift, raises this story to the tragic and conveys the beauty and depth of the endlessly moving history of the Japanese girl Cio-Cio-san, her love and death.

In the play "Through the Looking Glass" the directors emphasized the theme of the scolded traditions. The heroine's refusal from the faith of her ancestors destroyed the harmony of her world, and on the stage this drama appears in the form of a huge statue of Buddha, which, as a delusion, accompanies every moment of the earthly path of Cio-Cio-san, a minute of its deep concentration - a state close to meditation. The artist Vladimir Fihrer metaphorically conveyed this atmosphere: the space of the play was decided as a garden of stones, a place for the stay of an infinitely lonely soul.

"Madame Butterfly" in "Through the Looking Glass" - the performance is not only exotic-colorful, but also surprisingly harmonious, emotional and exquisitely delicate. The open passion of Puccini's music is melted into the energy of the strongest inner experience, bright contrasts, luxurious colors. In "Madame Butterfly" is occupied the best forces of the theater "Through the Looking Glass".

Author: J. Puccini
Libretto: L. Illiki and J. Giacosa
Running time: 3 hours


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