The play «Stranger»

The play «Stranger»

It so happens that the apartment of the main characters of the play descends ... Love itself. Heroes - a young married couple - are racking their brains how to solve their financial and other problems with it. Love tries to explain to them that she herself will take them out of any adversity, but they are not able to understand what she is talking about. On the stage of the spectators complex metamorphoses and transformations are waiting for, when from the childish delight the feelings of heroes pass to the past of hatred, from adoration to cold fury and icy calculation. It's amazing and exciting to watch how worldviews and principles collide, breaking down into reality. Heroes, mired in certain contradictions in the life of a modern metropolis, a stranger tries to explain his great role. After all, as we know, it is love that will save the world.


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