Bizet. Debussy. Mussorgsky

Bizet. Debussy. Mussorgsky

Lloyd Webber. "Jesus Christ Superstar", "Evita", "Cats", "Phantom of the Opera." Bizet. "Carmen"

At one concert - the music of the most popular operas of all time, "Carmen" by Georges Bizet (March 3 the whole world celebrated the 140th anniversary of the premiere. Flops that now seems wild misunderstanding), and the best tunes from musicals by Andrew Lloyd Webber, who became for the past few years a new classic. For all the stylistic inconsistencies in "Carmen" Webber musicals and a lot to do: through them in simple and accessible language, turn to us archetypes that govern the life of every person chooses for its manifestation form on my own, without regard to our "decency" and conventions. It does not matter what will be the story - of smugglers or the Apostles, more importantly, that love is not subject to death, and human dignity - unjust court.


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