March 31, 2018 St. Petersburg looks and listens to a new grandiose show - "Classical ARIA 2018". The Rock Capital of Russia accepts the renewed concert of the ARIA group with the symphony orchestra in the hospitable and convenient Yubileiny sports complex. Listen - it's worthy to be heard! Look - it's done grandiose to see! Impress - this will be remembered for a long time!

Remembering the concerts of 2015, 2016 and 2017 ... "The fusion of classics and rock" has already become a household word, spectators from Irkutsk to Minsk clapping musicians standing! Two and a half hours of this "classical drive" raise concert halls and sports arenas in a single impulse ... I want to experience this again and again, and here is the group "ARIA" with the symphony orchestra led by the conductor-maestro from Sweden Ulf Wadenbrandt again going to the road!

We invite you to visit the NEW SHOW "Classic ARIA - 2018"! You are waiting for an updated set list, time-tested "Aryan" fighters and ballads for the first time will sound with a symphony orchestra! A detailed reworked set design will decorate the songs of "ARI" - our "Heroes of Asphalt" you have not seen!

Holstinin, Dubinin, Zhitnyakov, Popov, Udalov and ... Wadenbrandt are waiting for you at the concerts of the all-Russian tour "Classical" ARIA "- 2018»! 100% pure rock energy, 100% immersion in the rich sound of classical instruments, 100% enjoyment of the triumph of this Music! This is the "CLASSIC" ARIA "!


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