Prokofiev. Symphony. Fantasy

Prokofiev. Symphony. Fantasy

Sinfonia Concertante Danzi and oratorio "Ivan the Terrible" by Prokofiev.

"Ivan the Terrible" - one of the pinnacles of creativity Sergei Prokofiev and his latest collaboration with outstanding director Sergei Eisenstein. The creation of this music began in 1942, but in 1941, Eisenstein devoted Prokofiev in his ideas regarding the future of film. Filming began in 1942, in the difficult conditions of evacuation "Mosfilm" in Alma-Ata.

Perennial commonwealth composer and filmmaker proved extremely fruitful. Prokofiev wrote about Eisenstein: "His respect for the music was so great that in some cases he was ready to" pull "a film depicting the forward or backward, so as not to violate the integrity of the piece of music".

Living in Nalchik, and then in Tbilisi, Prokofiev wrote at the same time "Ivan the Terrible" opera "War and Peace". Both scores were born in the wake of the huge patriotic enthusiasm that had plagued the entire country. Subsequently topic vocalize "Steppe Tatar" from the music to "Ivan the Terrible" Prokofiev laid the foundation of Kutuzov's aria from "War and Peace." In the film, the music sounds Prokofiev under the baton of the composer and Abram Stasevich.


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