Children's performance «The Kid and Carlson»

Children's performance «The Kid and Carlson»

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Common history, took place in an ordinary town with ordinary boy, and not quite ordinary Carlson. So, once upon a time "handsome, clever, rather chubby man in the prime of life" blessed children to "kuroschenie, tomfoolery and relegation," and life is a never-ending performance proves that the case Carlson today is alive and well.

In an elegant and ironic, funny and naughty play Nora Reichstein still "flying cow" steal Bok buns, exploding steam engines, Carlson vacuums Kid finds in their favor sweets and flying via motor of him in his house on the roof, and "little ghost from Stockholm" crazy "domomuchitelnitsu." And all this is accompanied by a sly sparkling hooliganism and gambling songs in the wonderful music of Alexander Kolker.

Director: Nora Reichstein
Starring: n.a.Rossii E.Filatov / z.a.Rossii Anatoly Novikov, z.a.Rossii Leonov, A.Dyukova, A.Samarskaya, M.Aleshina, D.Tsiberkina, Popov, P .Kocherzhevsky, R.Baranov
The premiere: December 6, 1969
Running time: 2 hours 15 minutes with one intermission.


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