Ballet «Vain Precaution»

Ballet «Vain Precaution»

A special attraction of the ballet "Vain Precaution", creation of a well-known choreographer Jean Jean Dauberval gives one fact. It turns out that he is the only one of its kind a classic, where the characters - contemporary viewers sitting in the hall on the day of the first premiere.

Frivolous flirting, risque jokes and clear all give hints ballet even more brightness and joyful. About "Vain precaution", which in all this time was set in virtually every theater of opera and ballet, is legendary. Said Jean Dauberval described in the libretto and the vicissitudes of their own amorous adventures. Or spied story live in one of the nearby villages. In any case, the performance went excellent.

The storyline is a nice little cocoon entangles and rosy-cheeked girl named Lisa. She, like all the others in her age, dreams of a great love and handsome lover beside her. However, the mother of the heroine has in this respect their own thoughts. She would like to see beside her daughter a decent pair - rich, though a foolish neighbor. Only here the daughter did not agree with the choice of the mother. She was to the liking of a simple farm boy - Colin. Mother, taming obstinate girl, locks Lisa in the closet, where previously hid and Colin. This plot twist was not expecting anyone in the village. Particularly unlucky mother daughter love ...

Libretto: Louis Joseph Ferdinand Herold
Choreography: Frederick Ashton
Directed: Frederick Ashton
Premiere: 27 March 2014
Running time: 2 hours 45 minutes with two intermissions


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