The play «Penelope»

The play «Penelope»

Having decided to stage the play on the short story by Andrei Bitov, Grigory Kozlov tried every mise en scene to bring the viewer to comprehend the duality that exists in all of us. On the one hand, the modern citizen honestly absorbs and implements all heard before social attitudes and moral code should be carefully taken in his circles.

On the other side, inside each lives the expectation that all the world will change one day - and the moral foundations of society will finally match the inner impulses of the soul. The name "Penelope" was chosen by the author is not accidental, but was taken because of the consonance of the basic idea of ​​the story (Penelope means "waiting").

Two play hero Lobyshev and mysterious stranger, waiting. Only one expects that he will meet in the dark parade is not accidental and fate brought him to a written beauty, this Vasilisa the Wise, a theatrical stage diva. And she waits for another betrayal by a new acquaintance. And when Lobysheva expectations are not fulfilled: he sees rather an ugly duckling, not corresponding to the highest standards of society - it is really in a hurry to part with unpretentious plain woman in a strange costume. It's a pity. Lobyshev times then wishes he succumbed to old stereotypes and went from that, it was really interesting and exciting with whom he is, even for a short moment.

Genre: Drama
Director: Gregory Kozlov
Starring: E. Gorokhovskaya, S. Agafonov, NA Kuglyant, E. Shumeyko
Running time: 1 hour


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