Solo performance «Dialogues about American jazz»

Solo performance «Dialogues about American jazz»

It is vital, urgent story that tells of how a person lives in a world where human values ​​are leveled, torn human communication, and the reason - is himself.
It's not an easy story of one woman who honestly tried to reach all by herself. And to 34 years it has everything you can dream of the average person: Gorgeous property, great car, stylish branded items, financial stability. But all this ceases to please - and in her soul a lot of questions ...

"One morning you wake up and discover that the world stopped to talk to you. Everything has changed. You just know that if you feel the world is brains, then sooner or later spread to psychosis. If you have a point of perception has shifted to the backside - met with hemorrhoids. And so on - in a downward motion. "

This honest and sometimes brutal confession clever and subtle feelings of a woman who seeks an answer to the question: what is more important - money and career, or love and human warmth? Naked soul trying to seem better than it is: in the play is full of sad and funny. The heroine causes the viewer contradictory feelings: he is sympathetic to it, then condemned, then admires. However, what is happening on the stage does not leave anyone indifferent, the viewer empathizes with and ask questions - is currently. The play is no single answer. Each viewer will have to find them yourself.

The play - participant of the festival "SOLO" (Moscow)
Director: Anna buzzer.
Cast: P. Sidikhin.


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