The play «Bremen Town Musicians»

The play «Bremen Town Musicians»

The musical story of true friendship, pure love and the love of art, based on the tale told by the Brothers Grimm and all the beloved Soviet cartoon, that will not leave indifferent neither kids nor adults.

The troupe of traveling musicians values ​​most the freedom journey, free life and friendship. But everything changed the concert in the palace, which is so like the king and the court that the musicians have offered to take its place among the royal artists. Is it all over? But here in the history of Her Majesty interferes with Love. Infatuate Troubadour and the Princess, she unfolds the story of a completely different story, adding a touch of drama and even notes detective ... And what good friends? They are always there, leaving Troubadour for a minute.

Watching what is happening on stage and singing familiar songs, each spectator - and big and small - pleased to plunge into the world of childhood and current values. However, in this production of the audience have the opportunity to not only observe what is happening on the stage from the side, but they can also actively participate in the fate of the Princess and the Troubadour, bringing their actions or removing their happiness together. But the audience in the story can not just this ...

Director: Catherine Gorokhovskaya.
Starring: Karpov, M. Kasap, E. Shumejko A. Aref'eva A. Artemov, A. Lykov, Studenovskaya R., N. Kuglyant V. Kochurov, Studenovskaya M., K. Grishanov, M. Kasap, O. Abalyan, Alexander Vedernikov, I.Shorohov, Alimpiev S., K. Morozov, Alexander Semyonov.
The premiere: 24 March 2012
Running time: 1 hour 30 minutes without intermission.


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