The play «At the Ark at Eight»

The play «At the Ark at Eight»

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The play - participant of the international festival in Singapore M1 Singapore Fringe Festival

The story unfolds in the distant Antarctica, home to three of the penguins, who can not find a common language with each other, always quarreling. Tired of squabbling people and animals, God decides to send a flood on the ground, allowing for the salvation of only one chance - to escape on the ark. Penguins learn about the future of the flood of White Dove, which, together with the news brings them two tickets to the ark. Just the thing! Ticket two and three penguins ...

The play owes its origin to one of the German publishers, which in 2006 proposed to create theater performances on religious subjects. This idea caught fire in a well-known German actor and director Ulrich Hub, which was inspired by the story of the global flood. So, from the pen of the playwright appeared parable that really liked the audience and won a prize as the best children's play country. The theme of eternal values ​​of love of neighbor, friendship and faith, get a modern interpretation of the language of the animals and told an audience fall in love with the first time. However, it appeared that the problem raised in the show cause deep feelings and response not only in children. We loved the play and took the repertoire of many theaters of Europe and Russia.

Performance differs humor, daring and dynamic nature, which allows young actors of the theater "Workshop" in a simple and unobtrusive way to find answers to the eternal and topical issues, together with the audience.

Genre: Comedy
Director: Catherine Gorokhovskaya.
Starring: E. Shumeyko, Kuglyant N., M. Kasap, A. Semenov, A. Aref'eva A. Artemov, A. Lykov.
The premiere: October 14, 2010.
Running time: 1 hour 20 minutes without intermission.


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