The play «Our Avlabar»

The play «Our Avlabar»

Three generations of pupils Grigory Kozlov in one performance.

Sparkling humor, which can only Georgians cheerful, cheerful music and fun dancing. The play "Khanum" Auxentius Tsagareli, the famous playwright of Georgia of XIX century, has found a new breath in the production of Alexander Kadko. It has everything: old Tbilisi, highborn princes and arrogant merchant elite in love with broken hearts and punching matchmaker.

A wealthy merchant wants to climb even higher in the aristocratic ladder. And for a sacrifice his ambition brings only daughter, charming Sonu. It should, for the sake of her father to marry a prince Pantiashvili elderly. Tom is also advantageous marriage, because in addition to the title he had virtually nothing left. All anything, but Sona love deep in the prince's nephew, Kote. In an effort to get out of this situation, the young lovers are asking for help from Khanum, famous Avlabar matchmaker ...

The plot, perhaps trivial, but the shop game of young actors who studied at Grigory Kozlov in 2005 and 2010, make a completely forget about time. The director of performance - also a graduate of G. Kozlov, but in 2001. Three hours irrepressible fun, flavored Georgian flavor on the background of paintings by Niko Pirosmani, and under the patronage of the three generations of theater fly as one wave of a conductor's baton.

Director: Alexander Kladko
Starring: Yanina Bushina Alla Danishevskii / Oksana Skachkov, Radik Galiullin Nicholas Kuglyant Elena Lapchenko
The premiere: held September 7, 2012
Running time: 3 hours with intermission


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