The play «Dreams of Love, Marriage Bal'zaminova»

The play «Dreams of Love, Marriage Bal'zaminova»

Boys do not have to educate women! That's what the director wanted to tell the musical comedy "Dreams of Love, Marriage Bal'zaminova." Along with a wonderful cast, he makes minor adjustments in their study of the phenomenon of sacrificial love of a mother ...

Misha Balzaminov, despite his age, still lives in the world of infantile dreams and childhood fantasies. From birth he was surrounded and pampered woman. They were ready to get the moon for a loved Misha. Their admiration and adoration of the young man completely stripped of any critical look at itself. Feminine, unable to make even the simplest decisions young Balzaminov not ready to take on any responsibility. Even the bride, certainly rich, he is looking for his mama and stout matchmaker. What happens to him in the course of these hilarious and sometimes sad quest? What impact has the fate of the young man blind love of his mother? Who is to blame and what to do? That age-old question, which prompted the creation of original comedy in two acts.

"Dreams of Love, Marriage Bal'zaminova" - the final part of the three plays of Alexander Ostrovsky. The main characters in the play are two - Misha and overwhelming motherly love rarely creative, more destructive.

Director: Grigory Kozlov.
Starring: Alexander Artemov, M. Studenovskaya, O. Karataeva A. Mareeva, N. Kuglyant, Valeshnaya M., M. Polikarpov AP Sidikhin A. Lykov, P. Vorobyev, K. Morozov, E. Shumeyko.
Duration: 3 hours with one anktraktom.


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