The play «Eldest Son»

The play «Eldest Son»

The award "breakthrough" in the category "Best Actor"

The plot is a dramatic comedy "The Elder Son" is known to many after watching cult films Vitaly Melnikov. Released in 1975, the film struck by many, not only excellent game well-known actors such as Karachentsov and Yevgeny Leonov. Each piece of film impregnated philosophy of life, vital at all times. And let Vampilov Alexander wrote his comedy still some out there 60, the relevance of many of the themes raised in the play, remains unchallenged to this day. Not for nothing because the script Vampilov entered the "golden fund" of Russian theater classics of the twentieth century.

And it all begins with the simple stuff: two windy young people are late for the train. Latest. Volodya, a student of the Institute, and Silva, crafty salesman, forget about their girls, because of which were not able to leave, and they go in search of accommodation. By coincidence, their record in the House, where the musician weirdo Sarafanov and his daughter. To while away the time and stay in the house for the night, one of the young idlers calls himself the son of a musician. Lying, literally invented on the fly, has such force that turns the life of each participant in the events ...

Genre: Drama, Comedy
Director: Grigory Kozlov.
Starring: Blinov, M. Kasap, Semenov, Alexander Vedernikov, E. Shumeyko, Alimpiev S., A. Artyomov, P. Prikhodko A. Mareeva A. Aref'eva, A. Artyomov, O. Karateeva, Karpov, E. Pass.
The premiere: September 23, 2010
Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes.


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