The play «Quiet Flows the Don»

The play «Quiet Flows the Don»

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Awards: Special Award Nomination Board of the Higher theatrical prize of St. Petersburg "Golden Sofit" for "pedagogical skills and contemporary theatrical reading of classical prose third-year student of the Academy of Theatre Arts"
Special Award Nomination Board Award for young "Breakthrough" for "the ensemble cast, and true to the tradition of the theater studio."
Grand Prix at the V Slavic Art Forum "Golden Knight" (Anton Momot, Sophia Karabulina and Yesenia Raevskaya)
Youth Prize of St. Petersburg

Quiet Flows the Don "- revived on the stage of the beginning of a great story, conceived by the director, tells about the life of ordinary people whose lives seared Civil War.

Protagonists of the production - the family of the Don Cossacks, people with extraordinary and powerful character, measured life invaded the revolution, and war and civil war.

Events unfold in a village in a remote area Vyoshenskaya Tatar around the main characters - the family Melikhovo. Their son, Gregory, instead of thinking about unmarried girl, is seriously interested in the wife of his neighbor. To stop the forbidden love, parents marry Gregory, against his will. Making sure that will be endured - slyubitsya, not for him, Gregory quarrels with his family and leaves home and then demobilized its army. Broke into the peaceful life of the family Melehova, World War does not spare anyone. Undermines the established tradition of centuries of peaceful life of the Cossacks, cracking at the seams family values, blood relatives are on different sides of the barricades ...

The two main themes of the production - a lyric and a landmark in the plot are closely intertwined with each other. The fate of Gregory, the full findings and losses, mistakes and bitter experience, eloquently echoes the fate of the entire Russian people.

"Quiet Flows the Don" - a talented young actors staging the "Workshop", to create a true masterpiece of the stage, the award of many awards and recognitions.

Genre: Drama
Director: Grigory Kozlov.
Starring: D. Zhitkov, D. Belyakin, O. Afanasiev, Alexander Momot, F. Klimov, Moscow Russian, N. Shulin,
A. Aladin, Karabulina S., E. Raevskaya, Srogovich M., G. Fedotov, AV Latyshev, Voronin,
M. Myasnikov, A. Emelyanov, K. Kuznetsov, G. Fedotov, Didik, Humpback A., A. Marfino
Voronin, AI Grigoriev, N. Shulin, I. Klychkov.
Premiere of 18 May 2013.
Running time: 8:00 with three intermissions.


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