The play «Days of Turbin»

The play «Days of Turbin»

It is said that there is nothing worse than living in an era of change and instability. The performance immerses the viewer in Kiev reality of the early twentieth century - the winter of 1918-1919. The familiar social system broken, the city is full of anarchy and chaos. The power after Hetman Petlyura pulls over ... How is this whole social turmoil - a man? Seeking whether it its place in the school uniform ugliness and prefers to stay on the sidelines?

In contrast to the wild waste and ruin the show immerses the viewer in the seemingly untouched by time, the island of comfort and home heat - Mikhail Bulgakov Museum. The atmosphere of the house - a cream-colored curtains, antique piano, and a cozy fireplace. Intelligent family lives in their own little world, where appreciate the simple pleasures - hours playing the gavotte, the smell of pine needles in late December and paraffin candles on the branches of a Christmas tree in the house of love ... and fall in love, make friends and support each other, dancing and listening to music. Mikhail Bulgakov Museum resembles a quiet harbor in the raging sea of ​​social instability. But it is necessary to look out the window ...

Is there enough in order to be happy - to create harmony within a family? Can I keep it and protect it from chaos, without coming into conflict with the time? Can a man live his life, ignoring the historical significance of the event and the whole of society? The answers to these difficult questions the audience is sure to find in the play "Days of turbines."

Director: Grigory Kozlov.
Starring: Fomin, N. Kuglyant, E. Shumejko A. Lykov, Mareeva A., O. Abalyan, M. Studenovskaya,
Grishanov K., Semenov, P. Intyakov, M. Kasap, Borisov, V. Kochurov, I. Shorohov,
Vedernikov, R. Studenovskaya V. Kochurov, Borisov, V. Karpov, A. Gavryushkin.
The premiere: November 1, 2013
Running time: 3.5 hours with intermission.


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