The play, «I Ask! The year 1917»

The play, «I Ask! The year 1917»

On the stage of the Great Hall of the St. Petersburg Philharmonic Society in November the performance of Benjamin Smekhov will be shown. "I ask for the floor! Year 19017 ». This is reported to the organizers of the event.

Spectators for two days - November 11 and 12 - will be able to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the revolutionary year and hear the voices of eyewitnesses. The performance will feature citations from Mayakovsky, Blok, Mandelstam, Bunin, Herbert Wales and other writers, philosophers and public figures.

Scenery, music, as well as light and visual effects promise the viewer the effect of full presence. The production will be attended by Veniam Smekhov himself, as well as musician Garik Sukachev, actors Darya Moroz and Evgeny Dyatlov.


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