The play «Gupёshka»

The play «Gupёshka»

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Nominated St. Petersburg theater prize "Golden Soffit" (2003-04.) In the category "Best Performance Small Stage".

"Gupёshka" - premiere fashionable playwright V. Sigarёva on the stage of the St. Petersburg theater, which he entrusted them to the theater. A. Mironova.Molodoy playwright who began writing plays at 23, marked by prestigious international prizes, memorable theater audiences as the master image and juicy words that earned him early recognition and popularity of the public.

"Gupёshki" Genre is very difficult to define: the play and is close to the comedy and the tragedy. The main heroine Tamara - a seamstress at home, which makes the most boring and routine work - sews bedding. My husband not only does not like it, but do not even consider the man, calling gupeshkoy - in honor of the unpretentious and plain fish guppies, which can survive in any environment, even in the waste water drain. My wife drives a house man, accidental guest in the dialogue which reveals the whole story of her life - the viewer descends into the hell of her soul ...

Not the hell that great and tragic and mundane, and gray, which absorbs and kills the soul imperceptibly, secretly ... sympathy for Tamara and hatred for her husband-tyrant, the viewer is annoyed at servile patience woman and together with the guest Pasha - wants to save her ... But not a bit of it - is in the final that everyone is worthy of his hell, because everyone chooses his own.

Genre: Comedy
Director: V.Grishko
Actors: E.Baranov, M.Lavrova, R.Furmanov
Premiere: 7 July 2003
Running time: 3 hours with one intermission.


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