The play «A Streetcar Named» Desire»

The play «A Streetcar Named» Desire»

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Performance - nominee of the National Theatre Award "Golden Mask" (2007), member of the "St. Petersburg theater season in Prague" (2007).

The play about the dramatic fate of the refined aristocrat Blanche first appeared on stage in 1947. And in 1948 its author, Tennessee Williams, was awarded the Pulitzer Prize. Subsequently, the play repeatedly filmed, and on the stage she has appeared with enviable regularity. And it's not just because every character in the play represents one of the vital topics.

Even so, the image of the heroine, Blanche became a kind prophetic prediction. Century refined aristocracy came to an end, and to be replaced by performing the era, which dominated in the basest instincts, passion for easy money and the eternal race for material goods.

Blanche, who has lost with the death of her husband all her privileges and wealth, sits on the tram "Desire" and sent to the sister in the slum. Stella permits to stay with her, even though they expected birth of a child with her husband. Around Blanche it is completely alien to her environment in which there is no place of poetry and exalted romanticism. It's simple and uncomplicated. All feelings and emotions - on the surface.

Husband sister of the main character, Stanley - stallion, whose awful annoying "apparent" inaccessibility Blanche and in spite of the unconditional love Stella for him, he's a good moment raping his sister in law. And it explains everything is simple: not to turn up their noses and pretended not touchy ...

Genre: Drama
Director: Mikhail Bychkov
Actors: ZA Russia Solopchenko M., Tkachenko, E. Kirillov, A. Ronis / A. Moshechkov, ZA Russia Polonskaya T., A. Glebov, Sychev / A. Mayorov, Makarov, NA Feoktistov
Premiere: June 25, 2005. The performance is played more than 100 times!
Running time: 3 hours 20 minutes with one intermission


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