The play «Phenomenas»

The play «Phenomenas»

Genre of the play "The Phenomenon", which goes to the Variety Theater can be defined as a classic Soviet-era comedy. It will be interesting to viewers of different generations: young people will be able to feel the spirit of those times, older people like this statement carries in the days of their youth, restoring the memory of history has long sunk into oblivion years.

1980 Year. Hot Summer. Everywhere order and cleanliness. Moscow froze like, prepared for a meeting of the Olympics. The streets are filled with the sounds of foreign music. However, this is just background that successfully emphasizes the improbability, the unfolding events. The audience will see a touching and funny story of the lives of ordinary young fellows, lost in a big city that does not want to look at all those who are.

While the country is preparing for major events in the capital city attracts people with unique abilities. One move objects by thought, the other is able to pass through a wall, a third know what they think the source. These people have a sensation or a huge bubble that can burst at any second? To find it, you need to buy tickets online in the Variety Theater.

Genre: Comedy
Director: A.Sinotov
Starring: A.Fedortsov, A.Noskov, O.Bazilevich, Vasiliev, S.Safronov, M.Semenova
Running time: 2 hours 30 minutes with one intermission


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