The play «Imaginary Invalid»

The play «Imaginary Invalid»

For more than three centuries of Moliere's comedy cause uncontrollable laughter all over the world. And if you take into account that a funny story also staged almost clownish team, the spectacle has turned out stunning.

The viewer sees a bright, energetic, sharp performance by Nina Chusovoi. Mixing ages, pun elegance of each replica, clownish tricks and funny reprises. The scene will not let the audience for a moment, forcing shudder with laughter. But humor is only a screen behind which, if you look closely, is hidden deep meaning, makes one think of quite serious things.

Watching the main character, who poses as a patient, once again claimed the opinion that, if you really want, you can fool everyone, forcing to pay attention only to his person. But will the surrounding longer love you, that's the question.

One sham leads to another. Around the patient immediately begin to spin pseudo-healers, witch doctors, pharmacists, physicians and other bogus no less suspicious contingent. With every minute the voltage increases. Add to this the twisted romantic intrigue and conflict, and it is clear that the miss, obviously do not have.

Want to see the play "The Imaginary Invalid" in the Variety Theatre but did not take the time to hike to the box office. You can buy tickets online with no extra charge and enjoy the interesting view.

Genre: Comedy
Director: N.Chusova
Starring: V.Manucharov, Yu.Galtsev, Garik and Eureka S.Safronov, T.Kalashnikova, L.Klimova, A.Kuhotkina, Tkachenko, K.Petrov and others.
Running time: 2 hours 30 minutes with one intermission


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