The play «Macbeth. Cinema»

The play «Macbeth. Cinema»

The play "Macbeth. Cinema "by director Yuri Butusov, you can see them in the theater. Leningrad City Council, can not be called just a staging of Shakespeare's famous drama. Creation of Shakespeare is just a starting point, it marked the beginning of the age-old arguments about loyalty and betrayal, deceit and sacrifice.

It is a mystical tale of a fierce love, burning passion and slowly kills guilt. How far can a loving woman who dreams that her man turned out to be at the top? And whether the murder to make people happy? After killing the other, if you do not kill a part of yourself?

The performance involved the best representatives of the young actors of the theater forces. They play a complementary workshop hectic music, filling the room with energy and drive. You will hear music Claudio Monteverdi, Nirvana, The Beatles, Nirvana and other musical performers that will enhance the perception of each scene.

In order to see the bright non-trivial statement does not necessarily stand in queue at the box office. You can buy tickets online at the Theatre. Lensoveta without service charge directly on the site.

Directed by Yuri Butusov
Starring: L.Pitshelauri, I.Brovin, V.Kulik, z.a.Rossii Anatoly Novikov, O.Fёdorov, R.Kocherzhevsky, V.Tsurilo, G.Chaban, R.Baranov, N.Shamina, M.Sinyaeva , E.Evstigneeva, A.Dyukova
The premiere: October 13, 2012
Running time: 5 hours with three intermissions


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