The play «The Spanish Ballad»

The play «The Spanish Ballad»

Theatre. Leningrad City Council offers to your attention performance "Spanish Ballad", which was staged based on true love Spanish, described the German writer Lion Feuchtwanger. It is incredibly beautiful and tragic love story that occurred in medieval Spain. King Alfonso fell madly in love Raquel Jew. But this love was forbidden, she had a lot of detractors.

"The Spanish ballad" - a play on the large, bright human feeling, winning greed, politics and prejudices. Love obedient to all classes, it gives a person a sense of independence and changing the world. In love with the monarch, under the action of the light feeling even changed the course of history. He stopped fighting and began to write beautiful pictures ...

Director: Harold Strelkov
Starring: z.a.Rossii S.Strugachev, z.a.Rossii E.Komissarenko, n.a.Rossii S.Migitsko, Anatoly Novikov, L.Pitshelauri, S.Kushakov, Leonov, I.Balay, n .a.Rossii E.Filatov etc.
The premiere: February 9, 2008
Running time: 3 hours 10 minutes with one intermission


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