The play «I'm Afraid of Love»

The play «I'm Afraid of Love»

Despite his youth, the writer Elena Isayev has already gained popularity in artistic circles and was Youth Award "Triumph". Her works are translated into other languages, her poems written songs and plays based shoot films and stage plays, which enjoyed great success.

Now Theater. Leningrad City Council is on the big stage production of "I'm afraid of love." Its heroes are ordinary people who have a bad experience love relationships. They dream of happiness, but afraid of making a mistake again. And do not even understand what fear makes choosing difficult decisions, delaying the coveted appointment.

Simple and straightforward story about the never-ending quest to find true love. But this is all just in his youth, but over the years, life becomes much more complicated. How to find your soul mate, if you're afraid to trust people? And who can guarantee that this time everything will be fine? Former wives and husbands, lovers and mistresses, partners and partner. Someone throw someone out himself in the search for a new relationship, and again fails. And it seems that more than ever it is impossible to love.

Cold and careful attempts to calculate everything in advance, if they do not make a person a puppet, no longer able to experience strong feelings? The heroes cope with their fears and whether to find true love? Get answers to these questions can be looked performance "I'm afraid of love", which is in the Theater. Leningrad City Council. If you wish, you can buy tickets online, freeing themselves from "pleasure" to stand in line at the cash register.

Director: Maria Romanova
Starring: A.Kovalchuk, A.Aleksahina, A.Dyukova, S.Kushakov, O.Fedorov, R.Kocherzhevsky
The premiere: November 4, 2010
Running time: 1 hour 30 minutes without intermission


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