The musical «Cat That Walked by Itself»

The musical «Cat That Walked by Itself»

A musical based on the well-known and beloved fairy tale by R. Kipling was written by the young Petersburg composer Vladimir Baskin. It was he who became one of the winners of the Competition for the creation of a musical for children and adolescents conducted by the Union of Theater Workers of the Russian Federation. In turn, the theater "Through the Looking Glass" won the competition STD of the Russian Federation for the right of the first production of this musical.

The creators of the play read R. Kipling's fairy tale as a kind of anthem to the family, the woman mother and the keeper of the home. This is a story about a child, about his comprehension of the world and the first sprouts of creativity. Wise cat notes his growing up in his own way: "You think, you reflect - I like it in you. You think - so, you walk freely and by itself! ". The new production continues the cross-cutting theme of "zazerkalskih" performances for children: the theme of the awakening, education and maturation of the human soul...


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