Theater of the Black River

Theater of the Black River

St. Petersburg, Bogatyrskiy ave, 4

St. Petersburg theater "for the Black River" was founded in 1983. Being in the Primorsky district, the theater attracts spectators on their performances from the entire city. The winner of numerous competitions and festivals, theater "For the black river" rightfully earned the love of the public of all ages. At the theater play both young and experienced artists of St. Petersburg.

Viewers are attracted to the theater "for the Black River" is not only a creative atmosphere prevails here, but modern technique allows to embody the idea of the theater director: comfortable room for 75 people with good acoustics, original performance space, modern lighting and audio equipment. In addition, the theater has its own recording studio, which recorded the original soundtrack for the performances. Well, a small coffee shop in the lobby of the theater is always packed with spectators during the intermission performances.


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