Club «The Place»

Club «The Place»

Saint-Petersburg, Marshala Govorova str., 47

Place - intimate club, filled with warmth and light. Here wooden walls and flowers in tubs, sofas and flying swings, airship, secluded balcony and a fireplace.

But this is not just a "place": it's a real home for friends and loved ones, for those who love good music, breathtaking exhibitions, unique games, a large selection from the bar and delicious meals. Two halls are always filled with ringing laugh and burning eyes, and an air atmosphere with a head covering every guest with a warm blanket of ease and lightness.

The music club policy does not adhere to the strict direction. Invited teams perform on the stage in the music styles of ethno-jazz, art-punk and folk to reggae and rock. Posters and eclectic repertoire club attracts everyone who is even slightly interested in the contemporary music scene.

The room is decorated simply, but at the same time is unusual. Two spiral staircases lead to the balcony, where the visual space. Under the balcony with tables, behind which you can safely talk even during the most noisy speech. But not all rush to occupy the space for them, because in the auditorium there is much more attractive swing. They never empty: who can resist the temptation for a moment to return to childhood?


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