BKZ Oktyabrskiy

BKZ Oktyabrskiy

St. Petersburg, Ligovskiy pr., 6

The October - a relatively young building, especially if the yardstick to measure the architecture of the northern capital. It was opened in 1967, and before that in its place there was a church of the Greek rite.

On the stage of the concert hall and passed through a variety of action. This popular stars and concerts, and ballet, and theater productions. Modern dance studio, young artists and symphony orchestras organize their performances here. In addition, the indoor theater are children & Entertainment, holidays and festivals.

The October is considered one of the biggest and roomy halls in St. Petersburg. Together with a balcony hall has 3727 seats. The October visit annually more than a million viewers - St. Petersburg residents and guests.


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Playbill for the next few days

Sergei Lubavin
Mar 3, 19:00 Sa
1400 - 2700
Viktor Korolev
Mar 25, 19:00 Su
1200 - 2500

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