Immersive show «Faceless»

Immersive show «Faceless»

About the show

"Faceless" is an immersive performance in which we create a completely authentic space, combine elements of classical theater and choreography, use audiovisual effects, carefully work through the interactive component ... As a result, the viewer is in a different dimension, where there are no usual rules, prohibitions and borders. This is an opportunity to get a completely new and very personal experience. To experience the same thing, while remaining an observer in the chair, is simply impossible. This is a dramatized virtual reality, "American filmmakers Mia Zanetti and Victor Karina say, during five months of rehearsals that were conducted in the strictest secrecy, the actors mastered unique methods of interaction with the audience, and dozens of secret passages and doors arose in the mansion. steel Miguel and Vyacheslav Dusmukhametov, and the composer was the leader of Therr Maitz Anton Belyaev, costumes for the show - the work of the St. Petersburg designer Alina Herman.

Before visiting the show, be sure to read our rules. We reserve the right to refuse violators of the rules in attending the show without refunding the ticket price.



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