Musical «Three Fat Men» (The Doll of the Heir Tutti)

Musical «Three Fat Men» (The Doll of the Heir Tutti)

The play is a laureate of the festival "Theaters of St. Petersburg for Children"

In the play, the orchestra, ballet and children's studio of the theater "Carambol" are occupied. With the participation of a student of international festivals of the youth circus collective "Rovesnik". The story of the separated brother and sister Tutti and Suok will recall the tale that Mom and Dad read and saw in the movies. But we tell this tale in a new way.

The circus is a magical world where a simple lantern or a theatrical spotlight, if very closely looked, will remind the outlines of the planet Saturn. You just need to be able to see it. This world is bright, festive, "clownish", sometimes a little sad; Because it is known that clowns are the most sad people in the world. Our performance is about wandering circus performers - adults and children who can juggle, show tricks, dance step, sing merry couplets, famously tumbling and making acrobatic stunts, but most importantly - they know how to love. If all adults and children love each other, then no boy in the world will grow up with an iron heart.

Libretto: V. Verbina
Directed by: People's Artist of Russia S. Spivak
Choreographer: E. Smirnov
Composer: Honored Artist of Russia I. Brondz
Conductor: D. Nozdrachev
Premiere: 25 March 2000
Running time: 2 hours 20 minutes

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