Gala concert «Spring of European Opera»

Gala concert «Spring of European Opera»

Created in mid-spring 2015 the orchestra after some six months, sent to an international tour. However, this musical group "Northern Sinfonietta" time to participate in the fourth international festival held in St. Petersburg and dedicated to opera. Speaking in Italian and Finnish scene in Turkey, a chamber orchestra was immediately noted by critics, earning him a certain notoriety in the community patrons.

Many refer to the birth of a new orchestra a giant step towards the expansion of the repertoire and the connection of new, more modern arrangements. With his appearance significantly strengthened the position of the theater among other similar cultural institutions in the city.

Artistic inspiration and orchestra conductor, Fabio Mastrangelo, has planned a series of diverse concert programs in 2016. They will be invited to the young, but extremely talented soloists, developed and launched an interesting musical projects. Not only the professional performance of the musicians, but also the charisma of Fabio draws the attention of the public and critics neonatal team. The fans do not get tired to admire the repertoire and performance of classical and contemporary compositions.

Director: Fabio Mastrangelo

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