Quartet I and Maxim Leonidov

Quartet I and Maxim Leonidov

"Quartet I" returns to his beloved Petersburg, and this time accompanied by a special guest! On April 14, not only the actors of the theater, but also the first time in the history of St. Petersburg performances of the Quartet - member of the cult band Secret, Maxim Leonidov, who will decorate the performance with his wonderful songs, will appear on the stage of the Lensovet Palace.

The theatrical and musical project of the participants of the Quartet I "Letters and Songs of Middle-aged Men" is sustained in the same style favorite by the spectators, which was found in the play "Conversations of middle-aged men" and found its development in the film trilogy "What Men Talk About". The whole play is based on witty dialogues, sparkling jokes and expressive metaphors, filled not only with humor, but also with simple reflections on complex matters.

Alexander, Kamil, Leonid and Rostislav create a portrait of a typical 40+ man who has experience and wisdom, even if he does not understand it himself, and who does not mind laughing, above all - over himself. The connecting thread of the performance is quotations from the letters of the great, and by the unifying force - the songs, which are assigned a special place in the production. It is music that creates an atmosphere in which the most important thoughts can be born and make sense.

How to find a common language with aging parents? Should we search for God in ourselves or in the temple? Why come to this world, if in eternity from one remains nailed in childhood nail, and from the other - nothing at all? The heroes of the performance will look for answers to these and many other questions together with the audience, Maxim Leonidov and the group "Hippoband" on April 14 on the stage of the Lensovet Palace. We are sure you will be delighted!

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